Aedine & Jeremiah Selling GlassesThank you for checking out Colorado Glasses!

People always ask me, “What made you start Colorado Glasses?”. Since childhood I’ve had a passion for meeting people’s need through work. Take someone who’s struggling, give them a high paying job, a safe place (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually) to work, and that’s going to have huge, life altering implications.

As a child I watched my parents do exactly that. They took out a home equity loan to start a health food store. Almost 20 years later, that business employs over 50 people. They risked everything to impact the lives of dozens of employees and thousands of people in their community. Today, my goal is to do the same.

As part of our community, we want to ask you to join us, to merge your story with our story as we impact the rest of our community together.

Cheering you on in your story,

Jeremiah Prummer

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