There’s something we don’t often talk about at Colorado Glasses, and that’s the “why” behind our brand. It’s not because we’re ashamed, embarrassed, or trying to hide anything, but simply because it’s difficult to articulate. If you’re reading this it’s because you’ve chosen to follow us. Perhaps you’re a customer, or just an interested bystander, but we’ve kept you in the dark long enough, and it’s time to try to shed some light on our true motivations.

My Story

This business begins with my story. Growing up, Tim (brother and co-founder) and I watched our parents fundamentally change the community in which we lived. We watched them risk everything to open a small health food store that today employs over 50 people, providing healthy food to tens of thousands of locals. And, although that business is a beautiful story of entrepreneurial success, it wasn’t always easy. For the first few years we practically lived in that store. We ate food we couldn’t sell, and entertained ourselves by playing hide and seek, reading, watching movies, and observing our parents do their best to meet the needs of their community.

Growing up in that environment taught me to see the world differently. It taught me that entrepreneurship can be simple, and that with a strong gut and a lot of hard work entrepreneurs can fundamentally change the community in which they live. It set the course for my life, and before I even graduated from high school I had dreams of following in my parent’s footsteps.

In college I first tried my hand at entrepreneurship when I helped two of my best friends start a business. We were young, naive, full of energy, and confident that we knew a better way to connect businesses to their customers, believing we could change the world in which we lived. It wasn’t long before our eager pursuit fell short and we were forced to go out and find jobs that came with actual paychecks.

Although on hold, my entrepreneurial dreams lived on. During my break from entrepreneurship my wife and I married and together learned how to both give and receive in times of need. I began to consider how my God given passion for helping people could be combined with my passion for entrepreneurship, while being mentored and encouraged in my thinking by co-workers, bosses, friends, family and members of my community. It wasn’t long before I started a side business selling WordPress plugins and eventually transitioned to full-time self employment as Aedine and I prepared to move to Colorado.

The Birth of Colorado Glasses

In early 2016, the dam broke. For years I had been holding back my desire to build a business that would live beyond me, that would help those who need a hand up, and would treat customers and employees with the respect and dignity they deserve. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to act.

That burning passion led to the creation of Colorado Glasses: a place where people, not profit, come first. Our product absolutely matters (we’re committed to providing the best value eye wear on the market), but ultimately, this company is about people, first and foremost. It’s about providing living wage jobs, education, and advancement opportunities to all employees. It’s about seeking out those with a passion to better themselves professionally who don’t have access to the tools and education to make that happen on their own. It’s about giving customers an unparalleled, exceptional experience and giving back to the community that has given so much to us.

Today our vision is still mostly a dream. We’re not fully living it yet; our small team is still just trying to make ends meet, but we’re doing what we can. Last fall we launched our partnership with Mile High Workshop, an organization dedicated to helping train up people who have been out of the work force and need a hand up. Our mission to deliver the best customer service in the industry is moving ahead at full steam, currently receiving a 5 star rating on 88% of our reviews.

You Can Join Us

Today, we’re trying to take the next step in our mission. On March 1st we plan to open our first retail location – a mall kiosk. That’s going to enable us to create 2-3 additional jobs, setting the stage for the movement we intend to build right here in Colorado.

If you’re still with me, consider helping us make the retail jump. I have an excellent team of friends and family working with me, and none of this could happen without them. However, our dream is big so we need you to make it a reality. We’re looking to raise just under $10,000 to open March 1st. If you can donate via our Indiegogo campaign, share this with your friends, or just simply let us know you care, it would mean the world to us.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope this helps to shed some light on our true mission. If you have any comments, thoughts, or questions please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.


Jeremiah Prummer
Founder & CEO

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