We’re Lowering Our Prices. Here’s Why.

When we launched Colorado Glasses two years ago, our mission was to bring to market high quality, affordable sunglasses that truly fit the Colorado lifestyle. In that time we’ve delivered over 5,000 pairs of sunglasses to people all over the world. We’ve shipped to every state, and 3 different continents. We’ve delivered unparalleled customer support, recently snagging the #5 ranked position for sunglasses companies on Trustpilot.com

At the same time we’ve found two things to be true:

We're More Efficient

We’ve gotten better at what we do and therefore our cost of doing them has gone down. Our warranty costs, shipping, fulfillment, etc. have all become more efficient and therefore less expensive.

Our Price Is Still High

Our product, while extremely high-value, is still not accessible to everyone, which means we’re still falling short of delivering a high value product to all customers.

Solution? Cut All our Prices by $30+

After much debate, number crunching and speculating about what the future may hold, we’ve settled on our new pricing.

  • Partial Wood, Non Polarized: $30
  • Partial Wood, Polarized: $42
  • All Wood, Polarized: $60

So what’s changing that allows us to cut $30 per pair?

No More Bamboo Case

While gorgeous, our bamboo cases were a huge expense and the primary reason we can cut our prices so much. They’ll still be available as an add-on but will not be included by default.

No Unlimited Free Shipping

Free shipping will require a purchase of $40 or more. Warranty issues will still be free of charge to you.

We're Keeping Our Warranty

Our best-in-class warranty will live on, including a 12 month manufacturing defect warranty, unlimited half price replacements on broken pairs, and a one-time half price lost/stolen replacement pair.

We're Keeping Our Quality

There will be no change in quality. Our commitment to customer service and warranty ensures that we make our glasses to last.

We’re always looking for ways to serve our customers better and believe that lowering our price is an important step in building trust and a stronger relationship with our community. Ready for some new sunnies? We’ve got em here.

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