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You’ve probably heard all about how blue light is bad for your health. Turns out it’s a bit more nuanced than that (go figure). However, we do know one thing to be true: blue light has a greater impact on sleep than other forms of light.

Blue light during the day = good. Blue light at night = bad.

There are multiple ways you can lower the impact of blue light at night, but let’s talk specifically about why blue light blocking glasses are best. That is why you’re here, isn’t it?

Blue Light Glasses

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One way to protect your eyes against blue light is to filter it through a warmer color. To do this you can add an orange filter to your screen, change your lightbulbs to a warmer color temperature, and use red night lights & lamps whenever possible. The downside? Everything looks orange!

Screen filter vs Glasses

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Blue light blocking glasses


Want to know the best way to block blue light? Goggles.

👈Yep, these guys are your best bet.

But let’s be real... We’re not going to wear those, and we’re guessing you’re not going to either. That’s why we’ve developed fun, stylish glasses that you’ll feel comfortable wearing at home, or at your favorite coffee shop.

Like these stylish glasses right here. 👉

Portability + Ease of use

We already touched on this a bit, but glasses are easy! If you’re already in the business of protecting your eyes you’re wearing sunglasses and maybe even prescription glasses. Keeping a pair of glasses at the office or on your nightstand isn’t going to disrupt your daily flow nearly as much as some of the alternatives. And the best part: glasses are attached to you, which means that regardless of where you are, you have the power to protect yourself from harmful blue light.

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