These are uncertain times, and we want to make sure you're informed on exactly what we're doing to try to keep everyone safe.

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Our Product Handling Process

While there has been no known transmission of COVID-19 via the mail, there is evidence that the virus can live on plastic and metal surfaces for several days.

To ensure your safety we've limited interaction with your package to two people. We're a relatively small company, so for now one of our founders (Jeremiah) and his brother-in-law are the only two people who will be handling any of the products/packages. We also have a live-in healthcare provider making sure all proper protocols are followed (Jeremiah's wife). ;)

Before packaging any glasses we thoroughly wash hands. If there's ever any symptoms, or evidence of exposure, we will immediately suspend shipments for 2 weeks and will notify customers of the suspension.

Out of an abundance of caution we recommend taking a couple of steps when you receive your package:

1. Either remove the glasses from the cardboard shipping box and immediately dispose of the box, or leave the box in a sterile location for 1-2 days. The virus cannot live long on cardboard, but still could be active up to 24 hours after being handled. Wash hands after handling any mail.

2. At this point your glasses likely have been packaged and untouched for several days. However, if you'd like to be extra cautious we recommend gently washing your glasses with soap and water. Be sure not to let any wood soak for an extended period of time, but a quick wash and dry won't do any damage.

Final note: We are also temporarily suspending return shipments to minimize exposure for our customers, postal workers, and ourselves. If you are replacing a pair of glasses please dispose of them on your own. The plastic/metal components can be recycled, and the wood thrown away.

Our Community Response

While the pandemic is in full force we've decided to forgo our profits in support of local organizations that need some help. We invite you to join us in contributing to these local partners.

Help us raise $10,000 to wipe away $1 million dollar in medical debt for Coloradans.

Donate food and coffee to local healthcare workers while supporting Denver metro businesses. Sponsored by Jubilee Roasting Co.

Support one of our favorite local non-profits, the Mile High Workshop.