Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses: the What and the Why

What is Polarization?

In regards to sunglass lenses, polarization is designed to block glare, in particular glare reflected off of water or a hard surface. It works by blocking out horizontal light rays (the rays that create glare) while still allowing vertical light rays to pass through the lens.


Do I need Polarization?

No, but polarized lenses are usually preferred. It’s a common misconception that polarized lenses protect your eyes better than non-polarized lenses. While polarization usually provides a nicer viewing experience, it’s the UV coating found in sunglasses lenses that help keep your eyes safe.


  • Reduced glare
  • Better visual clarity


  • Makes viewing polarized phones, TVs and monitors very difficult.
  • A very small percentage of people will suffer dizziness from polarized lenses.


How do I choose?

For the vast majority of people polarized lenses will provide the best viewing experience. If you spend a lot of time on the water, drive on wet roads, or participate in snow sports. polarization is almost essential. If you’re just looking for basic eye protection and don’t need a ‘performance’ pair of sunglasses then standard UV400 protection may be all you need.