Wooden Sunglasses

wood working

When we set out to create a sunglasses brand we honestly weren't thinking about wood. At the time we'd never even seen it used in sunglasses! After lots of research we settled on wood as our core material for three key reasons.


Wood offers a unique feel that plastic cannot. The wood we use has been chosen based on two factors, aesthetic and comfort. Bamboo is the primary wood in our glasses and offers an unmatched lightweight feel. If you have ever put on bamboo glasses you’ll know this, if you haven’t, well oh boy do we have some shades for you.


Wood provides a more natural and earthy look. From bamboo to walnut to zebra wood, we’ve got a wood to match your taste and budget.

bamboo sample swatch


zebrawood sample swatch


Rosewood sample swatch


Walnut sample swatch


Hand Crafted

Since wood is a raw, natural element, each pair must be individually hand crafted. Our glasses start with a board that is cut with CNC machine then hand sanded and assembled.