Warranty, Returns and Exchange Policy



Our best-in-class warranty consists of two components:

  1. A 12 month manufacturing defect warranty: This covers lense peeling, hinge issues, nose pieces, etc. Items that are clearly manufacturing defects. This is basically what you’re going to get from your high-end sunglass companies. It’s great if you’re part of the 1% who suffer from a manufacturing defect, but isn’t going to help you much with breakage or loss.
  2. Our unlimited renewals program: Over half of sunglasses purchased are lost or broken in the first year. We understand how that feels, and it’s not fun, especially if you own a nice pair of shades. Our solution to this problem is the Unlimited Renewals Program. Here’s how it works:
    1. Return your glasses to us at any time, for any reason, as many times as you want and get a new pair for 50% off. It’s a lifetime, unlimited warranty.
    2. Included is one lost or stolen replacement pair at 50% off.
    3. Restrictions: You must have proof of purchase or send your old glasses back to us, and the pair redeemed must be the same model. That’s it.


If you have a warranty request please contact us at support@coloradoglasses.com. If the model is no longer available don’t worry! We will send you a voucher for its value to use on a new model of your choice.


Unworn glasses may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Glasses that have been worn and show wear may be returned for store credit worth 50% of the original purchase price. The 30 day limit also applies to worn glasses. You must include a copy of your receipt and the pair of glasses when requesting a return. Please mail all returns to the address listed at the end of this document.


Unworn glasses may be exchanged within 30 days for any pair of equal or lesser value. After 30 days unworn glasses may be exchanged for a credit of 50% of original value. Credit certificate will be mailed to you or sent virtually by email, Facebook, or any other form of electronic communication you prefer. Please mail all exchange requests to the following address:

When requesting any of the above, please email us at support@coloradoglasses.com or contact us.


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